Diving in Barbados

Barbados is a Caribbean island famous for its paradisiacal beaches. And the truth deserved fame. But a trip to this island must be combined with an underwater experience. Diving in Barbados is highly recommended. With a water temperature that ranges between 22ºC in winter and 26ºC in summer and visibility greater than 30 meters, diving in Barbados is possible all year. Of course, the best time is late winter or early spring. These months are the driest.

The small island of Barbados is easy to travel in one day. The east coast is wilder, washed by the Atlantic Ocean. The erosion of the raging sea has created very striking rock formations. It is possible to see the amazing rocks near the village of Batsheba. Do not miss it. But don’t even think about taking a bath if the sea is wild. The West Coast is washed by the Caribbean Sea. And that is why here you find the paradisiacal beaches of Barbados and the luxury resorts. Also, the houses of famous world stars are located in this part of the island. The best beaches are on the South Coast. Bottom Bay Beach, Miami Beach, Accra Beach, and Crane Beach are paradisiacal. And it is also on the West Coast where the best immersion points are located. Diving in Barbados is mainly diving of sunken ships. There are numerous shipwrecks worth exploring. The ideal visit to Barbados is combining a relaxing time on its paradisiacal beaches with good diving dives. 

Written by DivingBarbados.com Staff!