Enjoy Scuba Diving in Barbados

Diving is one of the most demanded practices by tourists visiting the Caribbean, where they can find the most exciting experiences. The initial preparation is required to practice diving or other related activities, such as snorkeling or underwater photography. Snorkeling is a very easy modality to practice, which consists of immersing yourself in shallow water with the help of glasses, a breathing tube, and fins. It is the well-known lung diving, which is enough to admire the coral reefs due to the low depths of these latitudes. To be amazed by other attractions that are more difficult to access, such as sunken ships, the “scuba” mode includes oxygen bottles in the equipment and requires greater preparation.

Immerse yourself in the Caribbean Sea to dive into two tanks and explore the wrecks, reefs and the impressive marine life of Barbados. Swim alongside thin eels and bright parrot fish while exploring some of the 200 wrecked ships that wreck along the coast, cannonball fighters hidden by coral reefs and see rusty anchors in the sand. Relax on the deck of your dive boat and then return to the water for a second dive; Hunt the legendary treasures that have been lost along the picturesque coast of the island.

  • Diving 2 tanks in Barbados that last approximately 3 hours.
  • Discover the colorful world below the surface of the blue waters of Barbados.
  • Explore a sunken ship or watch the fish that remain near shipwrecks.
  • See brunettes, seahorses, angelfish and more.
  • Learn about the fascinating history of shipwrecks.

Written by DivingBarbados.com Staff!