Explore the Incredible Diversity of Life in The Coastal Waters of Barbados

There are many popular dive sites in Barbados. Barbados is composed of coral limestone and coral reefs stretching for miles along the coast of the island. Coral reefs are a natural habitat for fish and the west coast of the island has several large reefs rich in marine life.

Maycock’s Bay, Dottin’s, Shark Bank and Bell Buoy are among the most popular dive sites abounding with Stingray, Manta Rays, Barracuda, Angelfish, Grouper, Parrotfish, Giant Fish and Seahorses. More than 50 varieties of fish are found in these beautiful coral reefs. There is also a wide variety of turtles, particularly hawksbill turtles, green turtles, and lutes. The dive sites in Barbados are easily accessible and offer an opportunity, even for the amateur diver, to experience the incredible cornucopia of aquatic life in the waters surrounding Barbados.

Snorkeling trips, diving lessons, and equipment rentals are available daily at the island’s various dive shops. The west coast of the island, known for its calm and crystalline waters, is ideal for diving. Even the inexperienced diver can have a wonderful experience exploring the diversity of marine life without venturing too deep into the waves. On average, the visibility varies from 50 to 95 feet throughout the year. The coral reef of the Folkestone Marine Park, near the Casuarina Grande Villas, is a popular dive site. For serious divers, the Folkestone Marine Park also has an artificial reef: the sinking of the ship “Stavronikita”. This sunken ship is in 120 feet of water, about 800 meters from the coast.

Written by DivingBarbados.com Staff!