Useful Information for Diving in Barbados

The diving is a fun activity for the summer, because it allows us to make a good exercise while we stay fresh and away from high temperatures. Also, exploring the sea floor is a unique experience that everyone should ever do. Of course, beginners need to follow a few tips that allow them to move as easily and safely.

In fact, for many people who start in this sport, the first few times can be stressful because of the large number of accessories that have to be pending, as well as being in a situation and in a totally unknown environment. Of course, in a short time we will be enjoying unrepeatable emotions.

Diving tips

  • The first of the diving tips that we are going to give you is to always use the tube and take it with us. The first dives will never be at great depth, being relatively short. Therefore, while we get used to glasses, fins and other parts of the equipment, it is good to use the snorkel. When we start using a bottle, we must also equip it with it, to use it when we are entering the dive site. In this way, we will also save air.
  • Another mistake that many people often make in their first times in diving is to put them in neoprene first. This sometimes makes us spend long minutes until we reach the dive point with it on and making us feel like we are in a sauna. The best is to place it just before diving.

Written by Staff!